Keystone Projects

Our initial projects include publishing, ritual resources, an innovation pilot program, and a blog focusing on innovation that works. There are other projects in the blueprints phase, so stay tuned for updates on those! Meanwhile, here’s a bit more about the projects with which we’re beginning our work:

Innovation Pilot.

Our Innovation Pilot Program will entrain a dozen or so rabbis serving in diverse congregations (across and beyond the denominational spectrum) who will commit to collaborative experimentation.  Together we’ll create innovative community experiences, gauge participants’ emotional and spiritual responses, integrate feedback, discern “what works,” refine ideas and try them again.

Builders’ Blog.

Our Builders’ Blog will feature posts about Jewish innovation that works. We’ll showcase a variety of different voices — including, but not limited to, writings by and about those participating in the Innovation Pilot project.


Our first print publication, due in 2018, will be a volume for mourners entitled Beside Still Waters: A Journey of Comfort and Renewal, published jointly by Bayit and Ben Yehuda Press. The book contains materials for before death as well as for the stages of mourning, times of remembrance, and more. (Read all about it, including list of contributors.) We’re working now on a siddur for Shabbat morning, and there are other publishing projects in the works as well.

In addition to print publications, we’re also releasing occasional digital materials designed to help people build the Jewish lives that they yearn for; see our Spiritual Resources page.

Doorways: Lifecycle Transitions.

We’re working on Doorways, a new website of resources for lifecycles: not only the classical milestones of birth / marriage / death, but also milestones such as a child moving out of the house, or retirement, or miscarriage. These resources will be curated by an expert editorial team, easily navigable, and designed to meet the needs of people where they are. Coming soon!