Tools for Spiritual Life

Bayit builds and curates tools for spiritual life. (For more on that, see our Mission and Vision statements.)

Some of those tools are new liturgies to meet the needs of this moment, co-created by the rabbis, writers, liturgists, and artists of our pluralist Liturgical Arts Working Group.

Some are new spiritual practices, playtested / pray-tested by Bayit builders and shared on Builders Blog so you can experiment with them too.

Some are new books, from a contemplative color book for the Omer journey, to renewed and renewing materials for the mourner’s path, to compilations of Hasidic texts never before shared in English.

Others take different forms. Like… playing cards. (See below!)

The Graceful Living Deck

At the intersection of spiritual life and game design…

The Graceful Living deck is a tool for spiritual life designed by Steve Silbert and featuring teachings distilled from Rabbi Mike Moskowitz’s Graceful Masculinity, a volume of Torah essays that draws on a wide range of classical Jewish teachings in service of creating a society where all gender expressions are understood as reflections of the Divine.

Each card features a verse from a different parsha (Torah portion) and a teaching rooted in that verse, alongside a character-development focus. These are playing cards with a spiritual twist, since each card also features a teaching or opportunity for reflection. They can also be used in other ways, including meditation, teaching and learning, drawing a card before Shabbat dinner to spark conversation at the table, drawing a card during prayer time and reflecting on its resonance, etc.

Buy the Graceful Living deck for $18.

And if you’re looking for suggestions for how to use them in teaching, in learning, in spiritual life, in gameplay, and more, check out this post on Builders Blog: Introducing the Graceful Living deck!