About Bayit

Bayit: Your Jewish Home
Building an accessible, meaningful Judaism now.
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Bayit: Your Jewish Home brings together people committed to building a soulful, inclusive and meaningful Jewish life for all ages and stages.  Partnering broadly with individuals and communities, Bayit develops, tests, refines and distributes tools for a Jewish future always under construction.

Who are we? Learn more about our founding builders and others who’ve joined our team. (For now, we’re sheltered under the umbrella of The Jewish Studio.) What do we do? We’re beginning with three initial keystone projects in the realms of publishing, lifecycle resources, and innovation, with more to come. What’s our philosophy? Read our Vision Statement: The Call to Build.

This website is under construction, as Bayit writ large is under construction, so please check back often to see what’s new. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and click over to our Builders Blog and follow it by email.