One of our newest tools for “building Jewish” is Magnetic Shul, the brainchild of Bayit builder Justin Sakofs. (Find his bio on our Builder Bios page.) This tangible tool for Judaic play is offered under the umbrella of Bayit Games.

Engaging Children in Synagogue Sacred Spaces

Justin writes, “I’m a Jewish educator who believes in meeting learners where they are. I created MagneticShul after years of working in the Jewish community and seeing the desire for families to have shared meaningful experiences in shul. Inspired by work and family, I am happy to share MagneticShul with you.

For over a decade, MagneticShul has engaged children of all ages in adult sacred spaces. Children use the magnets of the people and props they encounter in shul to create their own scenes and learn as they experience the synagogue in their way.

Some play as they sit with their parents during t’filot, others create their own synagogue while at home or on the road. Let us know how you use Magnetic Shul and how it works for you!”

Editions & Expansions

  1. Flagship MagneticShul Unit – $25.00

    Flagship MagneticShul Unit

    Flagship Set

  2. Flat Frontal Background – $10.00

    Flat Frontal Background

    Flat Background

  3. Expansion Set – $5.00

Expansion Set

Expansion Set

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