Praise for Bayit

Here is some of the feedback we’ve received on Bayit’s offerings. 

Bayit’s Jonah provided the kind of spiritual healing that only comes from dedication to an ancient text, and open eyes about the moment we’re in. Across the board, our community appreciated the ability to read the Jonah of then and the Jonah of now.

Beside Still Waters  is a treasury of loving, comforting Jewish wisdom offered to support us in times of loss and grief. It is like having a wise, warm friend when you need that most. In my own time of loss, it became that for me.

This [Isaiah + Simon & Garfunkel haftarah] is so cool. What a beautiful integration of classic and traditional!

I am grateful to have this beautiful telling of the Chanah story to share with my congregation.

[The Chanah haftarah poem] deserves to be used far and wide. It is much more effective than the Hebrew version, and your kavannah at the end is a marvel of spiritual beauty, and completely apt for Rosh Hashanah.

I listened to [Nevertheless, She Persisted: A Purim Mash-up for Women’s History Month] in a quiet moment on my clinical rounds. This extraordinary trope mash-up not only filled me with awe but also hopefulness for the future… This is modern holy wow ness connecting my struggling soul to the tradition with the innovative Jewish Renewal tools, wisdom, and accomplishment.

Your new Tu BiShvat haggadah is elegantly direct, clear, and beautiful!

I just read through the whole Tu BiShvat Seder and it’s so beautifully done, elegant and graceful. I love the meditations. Yasher Koach.

[Your Tu BiShvat haggadah is] beautiful, powerful, authentic, deep and a precious resource! Thank you for creating this.

Bayit’s Tu BiShvat haggadah was beautiful and informative, a great resource for me and my community.  Participants in our seder loved the balance between meditation, education, and ritual.  Thank you for this wonderful resource!

Our Torah Study group enjoyed your beautiful Tu BiShvat offering IMMENSELY. Thank you in every language there is for sharing it with us so generously. People who know Tu BiShvat sedarim said it was the nicest they’ve ever attended, and for the many for whom it was their first time, they fell in love with the entire experience. I absolutely loved being a vessel for it, and commend you so much for your creativity and sensitivity in preparing it.