Visual Torah Chapbook

Steve Silbert’s Torah illustrations (“sketchnotes”) use Visual Torah to open text to new audiences in new ways.  This first volume will be a test chapbook, with different kinds of illustrations for one verse from each portion.  Each one uses words and images of sacred text to drive personal real-time interaction with Torah and the Jewish wisdom tradition – even for people who (like many of Bayit’s own builders) say they can’t draw for anything in the world.

A VIsualTorah chapbook will support development of curricula for all ages and groups, pedagogies for differently abled learners, and opportunities for new paths of individual and collective experience.

Siddur for Shabbat Day.

After Beside Still Waters, Bayit’s second liturgical volume will be a Shabbat siddur.  Its working title is Renew Our Hearts: A Siddur for Shabbat Day. Like Beside Still Waters, the Renew Our Hearts siddur will be published jointly by Bayit and Ben Yehuda Press.  Renew Our Hearts balances tradition with innovation, featuring liturgy for morning (shacharit and a renewing approach to musaf, the “additional” service of Shabbat and festivals), afternoon (mincha), and evening (ma’ariv and havdalah), along with curated works of poetry, art and new liturgies from across the breadth of Jewish spiritual life.  Current plans are to release Renew Our Hearts both as a single volume and as a two-volume set.  Read all about it, including the list of contributors.