Bayit builders Rabbi David Evan Markus and Rabbi Rachel Barenblat are creating an eight-week series based on Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg’s On Repentance and Repair. It will be designed to run from Tisha B’Av to Rosh Hashana, and then there will be one session that can be taught during the Aseret Yamei Tshuvah, in the lead-up to Yom Kippur.

We will offer some train the trainer materials (e.g. a guide for you to make teaching easier) and slide decks with sources, etc. to use as teaching resources, either for Zoom or in-person teaching. (It can be taught with the Kabbalistic framework, or without.)

Here’s an overview of the eight sessions:

Ch 1 – Repentance Overview – Malkhut: Showing Up Amidst the Brokenness
Ch 2 – Repentance in Personal Relationships – Yesod: Our Foundations
Ch 3 – Harm in the Public Square – Hod: Collective Identity
Ch 4 – Institutional Obligations – Netzah: Collective Momentum and Redirection
Ch 5 – On National Repentance – Tiferet: Shared Heart
Ch 6 – Justice Systems – Gevurah: On Judgment and Strength (Weakness)
Ch 7 – Forgiveness – Hesed: Loving Kindness (Self and Other)
Ch 8 – Atonement – Yom Kippur
We’ll send all the course materials out by July 22nd. Please leave your information here if you would like a copy of this curriculum when it is available.