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R. Dara Lithwick in From Narrow Places

Follow R. Dara Lithwick on Twitter Buy the book: yourbayit.org/narrow-places/ Rabbi Dara Lithwick, a member of Bayit’s Liturgical Arts Working Group, is passionate about building bridges between people and communities and promoting inclusion as a fundamental Jewish practice. She is an advocate for LGBTQ2+ inclusion within diverse Jewish spaces, as well as for Jewish inclusion in LGBTQ2+ […]

Tu BiShvat: the Winter of our Redemption

Justice is rarely calm. As the Egyptians retrench themselves in iniquity and race forward to recapture their Israelite slaves, God sweeps them into the raging waters of the sea. Rashi on Exodus 14:27 explains: כאדם שמנער את הקדרה, הופך העליון למטה והתחתונים למעלה, כך היו עולים ויורדים ונשברים בים, Like a person stirring a pot, […]

R. Allie Fischman in From Narrow Places

Buy the book: yourbayit.org/narrow-places/ Rabbi Allie Fischman, a member of Bayit’s Liturgical Arts Working Group, has served the Reform Jewish overnight camp, URJ Camp Newman, in the San Francisco Bay Area as Associate Director and now Camp Director since 2014 after receiving a masters degree in Jewish education and rabbinic ordination from the Reform seminary, HUC-JIR. […]

Letter from a Birmingham Jail – for MLK Tu B’Shevat 5782

This year Tu B’Shevat coincides with Martin Luther King weekend. From that spiritual confluence comes this setting of excerpts from Letter from a Birmingham Jail, set to haftarah trope by Bayit board chair R. David Evan Markus. Following the four-part structure of the traditional Tu B’Shevat seder in which we journey through the four seasons […]

Joanne Fink in From Narrow Places

  Find Joanne’s work: JoanneFinkJudaica.com, WhenYouLoseSomeone.com, www.zenspirations.com Buy the book: yourbayit.org/narrow-places/ Zenspirations® founder Joanne Fink, a member of Bayit’s Liturgical Arts Working Group, is an artist, writer and spiritual seeker who loves helping people discover their innate creative gifts. An award-winning designer, inspirational workshop facilitator and artist-in-residence, Joanne expresses what’s in her heart through art and […]

Rachel Barenblat in From Narrow Places

  Find Rachel’s work: velveteenrabbi.com, Velveteen Rabbi blog Buy the book: yourbayit.org/narrow-places/ Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, the convener of Bayit’s Liturgical Arts Working Group and a fellow of Rabbis Without Borders, was named in 2016 by the Forward as one of America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis . She holds dual ordination as rabbi and mashpi’ah (spiritual director). Since […]

A #1 New Release!

With deep thanks to everyone who’s shown an interest in this volume, and especially to the incredibly talented liturgists, poets, and artists whose work appears herein, we are delighted to be able to share that From Narrow Places: Poetry, Liturgy and Art of the Pandemic Era is Amazon’s #1 New Release in Inspirational and Religious […]

Sap Rising: Tu BiShvat 5782

New from Bayit’s Liturgical Arts Working Group comes this offering for Tu BiShvat 5782, available both as a printable PDF and as illuminated google slides suitable for screensharing. Here are four new variations on Tu BiShvat’s traditional four cups of wine or juice; prayers and meditations on Tu BiShvat in this time of climate crisis; an […]

Trisha Arlin in From Narrow Places

    Support Trisha: www.trishaarlin.com/support-my-work Buy the book: yourbayit.org/narrow-places/   Trisha Arlin, a builder in Bayit’s Liturgical Arts Working Group, is a liturgist, writer, performer and student of prayer in Brooklyn, NY and was a part-time rabbinic student at the Academy of Jewish Religion (AJR), 2012-18. Trisha was the Liturgist-In-Residence during the National Havurah Committee’s […]

More for Chanukah

Here are some selections from last year’s Chanukah offerings, now available as slides suitable for screensharing: “My Father’s Menorah” and “Chanukah of Stars” by Rabbi Jennifer Singer, “Second Calendar” by Rabbi Sonja Keren Pilz PhD, “Al HaNisim: Future Miracles Unfolding Now” by Rabbi David Evan Markus, “Hanukkah poem #2” by Devon Spier, and “Chanukah of […]