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A Second Chance for Accessibility: Pesach Sheni

G-d’s creation of the world was thoughtfully intentional. On Friday evenings, as we welcome Shabbat we sing: מֵראש מִקֶּדֶם נְסוּכָה. סוף מַעֲשה בְּמַחֲשבָה תְּחִלָּה. Shabbat was anointed from the outset. Last to be created, Shabbat was first in G-d’s mind. G-d’s meticulous design of all of creation challenges us to be deliberate and careful in […]

Building Jewish From the Foundations Up, R’ Dara Lithwick in Conversation with Tyler Samuels

Why don’t the boards of most major Jewish organizations have youth advisory councils (as many municipalities and even the federal government have), especially if a major challenge facing such communal organizations is a decline in youth involvement? How do we combat antisemitism without letting Jewish identity be defined by it? How can diving into Jewish […]

Step by Step: Omer 5782

New from Bayit’s Liturgical Arts Working Group comes this offering for the Omer 5782, available both as a printable PDF and as google slides suitable for screensharing. Here you’ll find one new prayer-poem for each week of the Omer journey, as well as a new prayer before counting, and a collaborative piece that integrates the journey […]