Writing in Conversation with the Torah

Authors Sally Wiener Grotta and Judith Sarah Schmidt discuss their parallel intellectual and spiritual journeys that became their newest books: Judith’s Blessing from Broken and Sally’s Daughters of Eve. Neither are biblical scholars, but their creative processes took them deep into the Torah, as they explored their heritage by questioning it.

Blessing from Broken by Judith Sarah Schmidt explores Torah through the lenses of psychology, midrash, poetry, and dream.  Approaching 90, Judith harvests a lifetime of therapeutic practice and deep archetypal work. As we journey with her through a year’s cycle of Torah, she invites us to seek authentic wholeness that doesn’t pretend away what’s broken, but rather lifts up life’s shards to reveal the holiness within. Blessing from Broken is due later in 2024.

Daughters of Eve by Sally Wiener Grotta is an essay collection and discussion workbook the explores the nature of living in the 21st century through the filter of the stories of the women of the Hebrew Bible. It’s designed to facilitate dialogues not only about religion or the Bible, but about how our reflections on those ancient female archetypes influence how we perceive ourselves and how we might shape our future. Now available for $18.