New from Bayit Games: Middot Meditations

Announcing the newest release from Bayit Games: Middot Meditations, an innovative approach to self-reflection using the language of Mussar, Jewish virtue-based ethics. Creator Steve Silbert writes:

The Hashkveinu prayer asks God to spread over us a sukkat shalom, a shelter of peace. We ask this of God because our tents are not complete. We were created incomplete so that we could do the work of completing ourselves, becoming shaleim / whole.

Exodus 22:30 gives us the commandment “You shall be holy people to Me,” to which the Chassidic teacher known as the Kotzker replied, “Fine, be holy. But remember, first one has to be a mensch.”

We created these cards as an entry point into Mussar, a centuries-old Jewish virtue-based ethical practice, and to provide a window for introspection and a way to develop your inner mensch.

Keep a tin in your tallis bag, in your purse, on your desk, or anyplace you might need an introspective moment.

The deck is currently available for $18 USD; purchasing multiple copies may result in a lower price point.


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