Introducing Chad Gadya — character cards and expansion pack!

New from Steve Silbert, Mary Walter, and Bayit Games comes this card deck and expansion pack to make Chad Gadya fun and interactive in new ways. Announcing Chad Gadya – the ONE Zuzim edition, plus a Verbs Expansion Pack!

Steve writes: 

On the surface, Chad Gadya appears to be nothing so much as a simple folk tune or nursery rhyme. But like so many folk tunes and nursery rhymes, the odd imagery in this song seemingly about a baby goat bought with two coins likely has deeper meaning.

While we enjoy the fun singing after seder dinner, this isn’t only an amusing pirate shanty to be sung with a glass of wine in hand.

Best played while singing Chad Gadya while standing in a circle AWAY from the table.

Divide the cards up and start singing, with people holding up the right cards at the right time. If you’re the first person to hold up your card, then toss the card to the ground (never toss The Holy One card to the ground). Keep singing until the end.

(There’s more than one card for each character in the song — which is why you’ll be racing to hold up your goat, cat, dog, stick, fire, etc card before your fellow seder-mates do.) If you’ve ever played the game Happy Salmon, you’ll recognize this as a seder-appropriate twist on that game mechanic. These cards’ images are compatible with singing in any language.

Also introducing:

The Chad Gadya Verb Expansion Pack!

The Expansion Pack can be used on its own, or alongside the ONE Zuzim edition. If using the verbs pack on its own, you can pass the cards out and invite people to raise their card every time their verb is sung. 

Both of these card decks, used singly or together, will bring ruach (spirit) to the conclusion of your seder. Fun for all ages!

Purchase the Chad Gadya (Characters) Deck at GameCrafter

Purchase the Chad Gadya (Verbs) Expansion Pack at GameCrafter

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