Rabbi Jack Riemer reviews Beside Still Waters

Rabbi Jack Riemer reviewed our first print publication, Beside…

A time to build and a time to refrain from building

  Part of a yearlong Torah series on building and…

Why This Firstborn Will Go Silent Before Passover: The Social Justice Ta’anit Dibbur

Among Passover’s many customs, the fast of the firstborn (ta’anit bechorot) fell into disuse.

On removing leaven (again)

From builder Steve Silbert comes this updated sketchnote for the first day of Pesach:

Announcing Beside Still Waters!

Now available! Beside Still Waters: A Journey of Comfort and…

Ashrei. Happiness. Ashrei.

  By Steve Silbert.

The Spiritual Life is Lonely

“A Foggy Passage” Simon Kingsworth The farther you…

Building Collective Spiritual Foundations: Re-Mixing the Cement

Part of a yearlong series about building and builders inspired…