A Hashkivenu for MLK Weekend Shabbat

These words from the Rev. Martin Luther King z”l (of blessed memory) can be used as an abbreviated Hashkivenu blessing for Kabbalat Shabbat on this MLK weekend or at any time. I’m planning to read his words together in unison, and then lead the community in singing Ufros Aleinu to seal the message in our souls and in our hearts. — R. Rachel Barenblat


If this speaks to you, you might also find resonance in:

  • I Have A Dream Haftarah – MLK’s sermon set to haftarah trope / the melody-system used for prophetic readings. Trope setting by R. David Evan Markus.
  • Letter from a Birmingham Jail – More wisdom from MLK set to haftarah trope by R. David Evan Markus, crafted for a year when Tu BiShvat coincided with MLK weekend.