Introducing Plagues of Our Times from Bayit Games

New from Steve Silbert, Mary Walter, and Bayit Games comes this set of hex cards showing the Biblical ten plagues, and a series of hex cards containing discussion prompts to connect the ten plagues with contemporary issues in our world today. 

Co-creator Steve Silbert writes:

The 10 Plagues in the Haggadah can seem far removed from us in the 21st century, but are they? We cannot imagine the Nile literally turning to blood but we don’t have to imagine a Red Tide algae bloom on the Florida coast. It’s hard to imagine swarms of insects causing complete havoc, but we’ve read stories of murder hornets. We haven’t experienced thunder hail and fire streaming down, but we still have hailstorms – and weather of increasing intensity.

  • Use this set to make connection between Torah and today so that the story of the Exodus is as first person as possible.
  • Incorporate the artwork of the 10 Plagues into the table setting to add color and beauty to your table. (not wine-proof, so don’t start dripping wine on the tiles)
  • Use the prompt cards for new ways to talk about the plagues how they translate to today.

Or… come up with a completely different idea for how to use them, and share it with us!



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