For the Sake of Ascent: Tisha b’Av 5782

New from Bayit’s Liturgical Arts Working Group comes this offering for Tisha b’Av 5782, available both as a printable PDF and as google slides suitable for screensharing. This year many of us have been marinating in grief. Between ongoing pandemic, the climate crisis, the loss of rights in the United States, and fears for the future, we may feel that every day has become like Tisha b’Av. This year the holiday falls on Shabbat, so it will be observed on the following day — which is the first day of the Reverse Omer journey, the 49 days between Tisha b’Av and Rosh Hashanah. Our offering this year aims to harness that energy: noticing and naming what’s broken within us and around us, and letting that awareness fuel the teshuvah journey that will lift us up to build a better world.

Download the PDF:

For the Sake of Ascent-9Av-Bayit5782 [pdf]

Preview the google slides:

The slides are also here on google drive:

For the Sake of Ascent: Tisha b’Av 5782 from Bayit [google slides]

(The above google slides link will prompt you to make your own copy of the slides, which you can then integrate with other digital offerings as you wish.)

If this speaks to you, you also might find meaning in our recent book From Narrow Places: Liturgy, Poetry and Art of the Pandemic Era, available now for $18.



This collection features work by Trisha Arlin, R. Rachel Barenblat, R. Dara Lithwick, R. Sonja Keren Pilz PhD, Steve Silbert, R. Jennifer Singer, and R. David Zaslow. Find all of our bios on the Builder Biographies page. We’re also grateful to artist Mike Cockrill for letting us share his painting that inspired one of Trisha’s pieces in this group offering.