New from Bayit Games: Kadesh Urchatz

New from Bayit Games, the second in a series of seder innovations from Steve Silbert and Mary Walter: introducing Kadesh Urchatz.


Creator Steve Silbert writes:

When I was a young adult my dad (z”l) handed over leading seder to me. Now that the tables were turned he would gently poke at me by continually asking “When is dinner?” to which I with an eyeroll replied “Not yet.” Eventually I made a poster of the order of the seder, gave him stickers and the responsibility to add stickers as we completed sections of the seder.

This is a 21 century version of my father’s poster. It’s a set of chipboard hexagon-shaped tiles, with each tile containing one step of the Passover seder. These beautiful tiles will add color to the table (beyond the red wine stains) and open opportunities for deeper conversations.

While the Seder Plate tile set is an homage to my mother (the colors are the same as her seder plate), this set honors my father, who was and continues to be my guide and mentor.

Ways to use these tiles:

  •  Line them up showing the Passover seder ‘order’ right on the seder table
  •  Add Pesach bling around the tsimmes and brisket dishes
  •  Move a salt shaker (or plastic frog) from one to another for a visual answer to “when is dinner?”
  • If you sing a Kadesh Urchatz song, pass the tiles out and have each person hold up their card when their step of the seder is sung
  • …or something else we haven’t thought of!

These tiles can be used in conjunction with the Seder Plate Reboot, also from Bayit Games. 

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